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MuttsCuts Grooming Courses Now Available


Bassett10 day grooming course - £1,000.00


This course is aimed at the student who wishes to experience a taste of professional dog grooming, with the option of redeeming the cost of the course against the more intensive 20 day course.  It is tailored towards students who have some degree of dog grooming skill, or who wish to learn to groom their own breed to a professional standard.  All the aspects of dog grooming will be covered, as well as Dog Love observing different dog breeds and their grooming methods.


 On this course you will experience a selection of breeds, or should you wish to perfect grooming of your own breed we can concentrate on your particular breed; the choice is yours.


20 day dog grooming course - £2,000.00


As above, the student will also learn handling of dogs, brushing out skills, de-matting and use of all grooming tools. The bathing and drying procedure is covered in great detail, as well as the correct shampoo and tools for each particular breed. Clipping and ear cleaning is also covered within this 20 day course.  The student will learn how to use clippers and scissors on various breeds.


Run Doggy Run!This course is ideal for the student wishing to pursue a career in dog grooming, whether working in a salon, mobile grooming or running a business from home which is the ideal way to initially start your business. This course provides basic and general knowledge which will enable you to start up on your own, while giving you Grooming course at Mutts Cutsplenty hands on experience of various breeds. You will also see how hectic running a busy salon can be from day to day and get a general insight to the world of dog grooming!


For further information or enquires regarding taster days, please feel free to contact Charlotte on 01727 846006.